The priority here at My Canadian Pharmacy is to make sure every customer gets excellent value for the money spent, along with excellent customer support service. We help you take better care of your health keeping the costs incredibly low.

We always have the products you may order in stock, for you to never have to wonder if it’s available. We have been working closely with our current suppliers for years to ensure outstanding quality of the products ordered, timely delivery and overall excellent shopping experience. We are committed to making every customer satisfied with the prices, services and products purchased every time.

How My Canadian Pharmacy operates

My Canadian Pharmacy was founded to make sure more people have easy access to various medications and can experience quality medical care in most convenient and affordable way possible.

Our policies and practices are carefully thought through, which allows offering high level of service to our customers and fast international delivery. Our pharmacy is more than a place selling medications: we are experts in current clinical programs, possess deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and have many years of experience serving our customers and making sure their expectations are lived up to.

My Canadian Pharmacy is a company that takes pride in delivering high quality health care services and changing the way online pharmacies are perceived by current and potential customers. Our unique combination of services and advantageous offers available help our customers control their medical costs and have the treatment they need readily available, which results in the kind of healthcare that no other company can offer.

Things we are proud of

We are a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry offering efficient and affordable medications, quick international delivery and helpful staff ready to answer any questions you may have. We combine experience and expertise with great desire to help and close business relations with licensed suppliers of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, promoting health and wellbeing among our customers.

Every customer can count on being treated with all due respect and attention, being offered finest pharmaceuticals at affordable prices and knowing your personal information will be kept secure at al times. Placing your next order is always more affordable than before, because one of our priorities is to make sure every customer pays a fair price.

Dr. Jack Poppins
President and Chief Executive
Officer of My Canadian Pharmacy

History of My Canadian Pharmacy


In 1999 Jack Poppins, a simple physician, gets acquainted with a University graduate in Internet Technologies named Carl Rose (later the company’s IT director). The idea is born to start a pharmacy operating online that would give every person a choice: to stay home and order from there or do it the usual way, with prescriptions and driving down to the local pharmacy.


In 2000 the company hires Paul Newman as its distribution manager. The new addition to the team results in better PR, more efficient logistics and development of wholesale trade.


My Canadian Pharmacy is officially registered and licensed to sell prescription drugs. The very first office occupied by the company is only 60 square meters, which is no obstacle for delivering outstanding services.


At the end of 2001 the company’s turnover reaches CAD 90,000. My Canadian Pharmacy now employs more staff (including support service operators) due to increasing number of customers and suppliers.


My Canadian Pharmacy continues to grow and expend in the same way the internet itself does. At the end of 2002, the turnover is as high as CAD 500,000. The originally rented office space is no longer sufficient for the growing needs. My Canadian Pharmacy moves into its new quarters with over two thousand square meters and 30 members of staff.


The Dot-com Crash affects thousands of websites offering online shopping for medications. Due to its efficient support service and delivery standards, My Canadian Pharmacy is stable and grows even more, reaching the turnover of CAD 2,000,000 and employing more personnel than before.


Changes are introduced to make sure My Canadian Pharmacy better suits the needs of our online customers.


We work hard to make our website more customer-friendly. Once the improvements are introduced, it’s fast and easy to submit a support ticket, which means we can offer more efficient help. Any questions or requests are dealt with quickly, so that every customer feels welcome and taken great care of.


To protect our customers and offer secure shopping environment, we take advantage of the SSL security protocol for encrypting, monitoring and protecting information more efficiently. Nevertheless, our website remains as easy and convenient to use as always.


My Canadian Pharmacy keeps expanding and offering new products to our new and existing customers. 30 new products in categories like pain relief, anti-diabetics, antibiotics and antidepressants are added in order for the pharmacy to better suit the needs of its international customers. The number of customers choosing us over other online pharmacies has significantly increased over the year, our excellent customer care being one of the reasons.


My Canadian Pharmacy celebrates its anniversary: we have been around for 10 years! For a decade we have been working on our website and services available, making sure our delivery time is the shortest and our customers are the happiest. No wonder My Canadian Pharmacy is the best and most reliable pharmacy in the United States and Canada.


Our website is improving every day, new products are added and it’s getting more convenient to shop with us. Of course, we always welcome our customers’ feedback to become even better for you.

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